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Fearless and Insured: Navigating Travel Insurance Choices for Women Exploring the World

Fearless and Insured: Navigating Travel Insurance Choices for Women Exploring the World

Sistahs @ Sistah Safety

From Dreams to Destinations: Embracing the Call of Travel

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As we embark on our journeys to explore the world and indulge in thrilling adventures, it's crucial to prioritize our safety. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, one essential aspect we must consider is securing travel insurance - special protection that ensures our peace of mind if any unexpected circumstances arise while we're away. In this article, we'll delve into various travel insurance options tailored specifically for women, regardless of whether we're embarking on short trips or extended sojourns. Additionally, we'll discuss emergency care and shed light on important health considerations that are imperative for us to bear in mind.

As empowered women venturing into uncharted territories, we recognize the significance of taking precautions and safeguarding ourselves against unforeseen events. Travel insurance acts as a shield, offering financial and logistical support in case of trip disruptions, medical emergencies, or other travel-related mishaps.

When it comes to choosing the right travel insurance plan, it's essential to consider the duration and nature of our trips. For those embarking on quick getaways or weekend escapades, short-term travel insurance provides the necessary coverage for the duration of the trip. These plans typically include benefits like trip cancellation/interruption coverage, baggage protection, and emergency medical expenses, ensuring we're protected from potential financial burdens.

However, for those embarking on more extensive journeys, such as long-term travel, I don't know where I'm going or how long I'm going for or digital nomad adventures, long-term travel insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for an extended period. These plans often encompass not only trip cancellation and medical coverage but also additional benefits like emergency evacuation, repatriation, and coverage for personal belongings.

Checking Out Our Choices

Short-Term Travel Insurance

If we're going on shorter trips that last a few days or weeks, we have a few good options for travel insurance. One cool choice is World Nomads ( They have plans that cover things like medical emergencies, if we have to cancel or cut our trip short, if our baggage gets lost, or if something happens and we need to be responsible for it. The cost depends on where we're going, how long our trip is, and how much coverage we want.

Another good option is Allianz Travel ( They offer different plans for different kinds of trips. Their plans usually cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, and baggage protection. The cost depends on how much coverage we want, how old we are, and how long we're traveling.

Long-Term Travel Insurance

Now, for those of us going on long trips that last months or even years, we need to choose a travel insurance policy that fits our needs. SafetyWing ( is a popular choice for people who work online or travel for a long time. They give us coverage for things like medical care, including if we have to go to the hospital or get moved to another place for treatment. They also cover pre-existing conditions, delays in our travel, lost luggage, and personal liability. The best part is that it can be affordable, starting at $37 per month!

Emergency Care Coverage

When we're in a place we're not familiar with, it's super important to have access to emergency medical care. Our travel insurance should help with things like paying for medical expenses if we get sick or have an accident. It's a good idea to choose a policy that includes coverage for going to the hospital, getting medical help in an emergency, and coming back home if we need to. AXA Assistance ( is a good choice for this. They cover medical expenses, emergency medical help, and getting us back home if we need to. The cost depends on where we're going and how long we'll be there.

Taking Care of Women's Health Needs: Pregnancy and Maternity Coverage

Thankfully, the world has changed and we no longer believe pregnancy is a 10 month jail cycle where we have to stop living. If you are traveling and you're pregnant or planning to have a baby, it's important to have travel insurance that covers possible problems related to pregnancy. Most travel insurance doesn't cover regular prenatal care, but some plans cover unexpected complications like if the baby comes too early or if we need emergency medical procedures. InsureMyTrip ( is a website that can help us compare different insurance plans and find ones that offer maternity coverage.

Mental Health Support

Traveling can sometimes be tough on our mental health, and it's really helpful to have support available if we need it. While many travel insurance plans don't specifically cover mental health support, some providers have extra services that can connect us with professionals who can help. We can ask the insurance company if they have any resources or counseling options for mental health.

Learning from Other Female Travelers

To get a better idea of what travel insurance is like from other women who have explored the world, let's hear what they have to say:

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to share my experience with Safetywing travel insurance. We've all seen the hype and the super affordable price but will they pay when you actually file a claim? I can confirm that Safetywing has lived up to its name. I am a nomad living in Mexico, I had an accident involving a wave in the ocean and tore my meniscus. I needed surgery and physical therapy post-op and I can confirm that Safetywing paid out my claim, no questions asked. You will be required to pay your bills upfront and Safetywing reimburses you. My advice to make the process go smoothly: save every receipt, anything your doctor recommends medical equipment/ medicine/physical therapy make sure you have it in writing and have your doctor write you a report after every visit (discussing what he recommends, course of treatment, progress, etc.) get absolutely EVERYTHING in writing. Scan and upload everything to your laptop and create a folder with everything dated and labeled (i.e Office Visit #1 10/20/22) I will add that their portal is outdated and takes some time to navigate, and then you can expect to wait 90 days for an answer to your claim but for $40 dollars per month it is so worth it to have the peace of mind. Just thought I'd share with you fellow explorers!!!!

Advice from a solo traveler to a question about paying the costs of the emergency in advance:

That's how almost every travel insurance policy works. It's frustrating but I've never heard of it working any other way. It's why having emergency credit cards or in this case a line of credit would come in the most handy! Talk to your bank about getting a line of credit for 12k the interest is low and this way you'll be able to pay the hospital and pay off the line of credit as soon as the insurance money comes back.

Advice from a single mother about travel insurance:

I did get the travel insurance offered by airline and ended up having to use it when my son had to be hospitalized for altitutude sickness in Quito, Ecuador.  I was pretty worried because they didn't share the costs of hospitalization upfront and I didn't know how the insurance would work.  I put the $3000 bill on my credit card and was reimbursed.  I kept all receipts and did get everything translated into English.  I started talking to the insurance company from the moment he was admitted into the hospital.  I was reimbursed every penny within a month.

If possible stay in network:

I had to have an MRI in India and was insured with World Nomads. They told me that if I had found a hospital that was linked to their system, they would pay the structure directly. Have you discussed this option with them? Good luck with your recovery!

Check the clauses:

Read your policy document there should be a clause that says if the fees are over a certain amount they will be paid by the insurance directly to the hospital. There should be an insurance department at the hospital and they should contact your travel agent. This is how it worked for me when I was injured in Thailand. I didn't pay a penny for my treatment or my accommodation afterwards or my flight home. It was all paid directly by my insurance. It wasn't always easy to get them to pay and it was a lot of jumping through hoops but if you can find that clause in your contact they have to honour it. For my policy at the time is was any payment over £500 would be paid direct. The point of having travel insurance is because you don't just have a spare few grand lying around for unexpected occurrences! Keep on them and don't pay for things yourself for now. It's notoriously difficult to get insurance companies to pay out after.

Breaking Barriers, Breaking Free

My sistahs, as we start our journeys and have incredible experiences, it's super important to get travel insurance to keep us safe. The options we talked about in this article, like World Nomads, Allianz Travel, SafetyWing, and AXA Assistance, give us good coverage for short and long trips, emergency care, and extra assistance.

And remember, ladies, we need to think about our specific health needs too, like pregnancy and mental health, when we choose an insurance plan. A website called InsureMyTrip can help us compare different plans and find ones that are right for us.

So, my amazing friends, by making smart choices and putting our safety first, we can fearlessly explore the world, knowing that we're protected if anything unexpected happens.

Remember, the world is waiting for you, and Sistah Safety is your trusted companion.

Safe Travels, Sistahs.



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