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Financing Your Life in Mexico: 10 Unknown Remote Positions

Financing Your Life in Mexico: 10 Unknown Remote Positions

Luma Spark

Dreaming of swapping your desk for the beach? Longing to swap your morning alarm for the serenade of mountain breezes in Mexico? You're not alone, fellow wild woman. Many fantasize about relocating to Mexico, living that vibrant, culture-rich life while still making a living.

BUT HOW, you wonder?

Let’s talk about how you wave goodbye to your conventional life and embrace the possibilities. Everyone says to, “work remote” but the typical remote jobs seem elusive, so I’ve been scouting some of the lesser known, unconventional, yet entirely feasible, remote positions to finance your wild Mexican dream. So let's get into our list of 10 aytypical remote positions.


1. Remote Bookkeeper/Accountant

Who said numbers had to be crunched in a cubicle?

If you're willing to put in the work and have a head for numbers, your accounting skills with some knowledge of business are your golden ticket.

The number of small business owners worldwide are incredible.  Globally, 90% of businesses are small and account for 50% of jobs. In the US, 99.9% of businesses are small. 98% have fewer than 100 employees and 89% have fewer than 20 employees, with small business jobs accounting for 46.8% of jobs in the US. 

Many of these businesses need people to manage payrolls, do their bookkeeping and file their tax paperwork.  Nothing wrong with crunching numbers from a hacienda overlooking the sea!  How do you get started? 

First, you might want to get the taxes, accounting and bookkeeping bible  see if the whole idea is right for you


2. Solopreneur Finance and Tax Consultant

Embrace the liberating world of being a remote Solopreneur Business and Tax Consultant, where your office can be as mobile as a Cancun café or as tranquil as a beach in Oaxaca.

This job isn't just about crunching numbers and navigating the painful world of tax codes; it's about waving your financial savvy like a magic wand to help solo businesses owners save money and thrive all from the comfort of your chosen paradise.

The world of business has changed, the way people earn money has changed but the financial foundations necessary to keep those businesses afloat, remains a mystery to many. 

Teach your target audience how to keep more of what they earn and avoid surprise letters from the powers that be. You’re not traditional and there is no reason to go about this in a traditional way, a monthly rate that includes weekly business (siesta) meetups are a great way to educate those with the right combination of ambition and adventure.

3. Teach AI for Dummies

Let’s have a moment of real talk.  The AI people seem really smart. So smart that they can’t seem to give us the dummy version of what tools we should be using for our businesses and how to best use those tools.  

If you are one of the smart people whose superpower is taking the complex and making it simple, there’s a lane for you to teach AI for Dummies. 

And not just dummies but the upcoming generation as well.  Traditional school is just not able to keep up with the rapid technological changes that have become our reality.  Parents (unless they are one of the smart ones), don’t know enough to teach their kids and let’s be honest, the kids aren’t accepting tech knowledge from their parents.  

This is a remote job opportunity that is both in the beginning stages and in development.   While I have read some great books on using AI for your business - - having someone actually go through the prompts and features, uses, benefits and pitfalls to avoid would go a long way.

I’d love to get back to the 4 hour work week. Help! We’re waiting for you!


4. English or Spanish Speaking Chatters

I’m not making this up, it’s a real thing.  It’s not necessarily easy to break into because most people looking for chatters want someone with 6 months to a years’ worth of experience. However, if you love to chat anyway, this might be the job for you! 

The availability requirements for this job are pretty strict, if you are in a place where your internet goes out, it’s not going to work.  You also have to live on the chat platform you are on, speak grammatically correct English, and understand how to build relationships.

People looking for chatters expect you to be the first to respond to questions, answer all communications as soon as they come in, think quickly under duress, and have good communication instincts - nothing that will get the account holder in trouble or go viral for all the wrong reasons.   

Imagine a gig where your love for chatting turns into cash while you're lounging on the beach, with the soothing sound of waves as your backdrop.  It doesn’t get any better than that! 

5. Reddit VA’s

First, of course, you will have to understand Reddit ( and then begin using the principles to drive traffic. 

Since most people looking for a Reddit VA need to see proof of results, the easiest way to break in is to learn it and then do it for yourself (see Online E-Commerce store below). 

Being a Reddit Virtual Assistant will require you to demonstrate that you understand how traffic funnels work, how captions should look and what subreddits would work best for your clients. 

Again, same here, the position requires you to speak English, a vast vocabulary and jeopardy like knowledge will help you stand out in the crowd.  You should both like people and have the type of personality that doesn’t take things personally. Knowledge is power here.

6. Online Speciality Boutique Owner

You have a passion and the best job you can ever have is one where your passion shines through.  While this route requires you to learn the entire spectrum of business principles (see the other positions here), it just makes sense in a world full of distractions and inundated with a massive amount of information. 

Let’s say you are passionate about Tiny Homes, doesn’t it make sense to have a specific online store dedicated to all the things you would want to know and need to buy when getting a tiny home? 

Portable sauna ( anyone? 

People are looking for and need experts because the generalists are everywhere.

Your Finance and Tax Consultant, well-versed in the concepts of Wealth Without Risk by Charles Givens, would show you how to build your personal Tiny Home as a tax deductible business. 

This is also a wonderful opportunity to build your skills on Reddit, understand how to use AI to support your business needs and work on something you love…in a place you love.  What could be better?

7. Freelance Recruiter

Leverage your sourcing prowess by recruiting for companies across various sectors. With flexible hours (though admittedly long hours), you can work on the go as long as you have your computer and phone with you at all times.  You make your own schedule, spend your mornings exploring ancient ruins or lounging on the beach, then start your afternoon sourcing your candidates and preparing to make calls the following day.  The easiest way to break into recruiting is to work for a recruiting company to learn the ropes and the language of the industry.  There you will understand the recruiting cycle (how long it takes to get paid), average fees, candidate profiles, client needs, etc.  Once you get a foothold in a particular industry, if you are good at building and keeping relationships, you can expect to have a career that can last decades if you desire.

8. Remote Math and Science Tutor for the HomeSchool/Worldschooling Community

There comes a point as a homeschooling or worldschooling parent when you need help, especially when it comes to math and science.  If you are able to make math and science come alive for a young mind AND if you are able to show them real life applications for that Math and Science, parents will love you and your referrals will keep you living your life abroad with joy and happiness. As with any business, price points matter and relationship building is paramount, but play your cards right and you will be teaching a couple of generations in the same family!

9. Relocation Mental Health Therapist 

Relocating to a different country means going through a series of emotions from euphoria to loneliness. Helping people navigate their mental health as they navigate cultural nuances in international settings. This is a particular niche for someone who is an experienced traveler or self described third culture kid (  If you are a therapist and you're adept at understanding and explaining cultural differences, your insights can significantly aid in the transition and the mental challenges that inevitably arise in a new environment.  This is just one example of taking what you already know and applying your global mindset to your existing profession or expertise.  You don’t have to abandon everything you know just because you physically leave everything you know. 

10. Podcasting from Paradise

Got a voice? Got opinions? Podcasting is your stage. Whether it's storytelling, coaching, or dissecting business trends, all you need is a good mic and an even better WiFi connection. Dive into the podcasting world, sharing your adventures and insights with listeners worldwide.

Wrapping It Up!

Who says you can't live your dream life in Mexico while maintaining an exciting, fulfilling career? These ten atypical remote positions are just the beginning, a glimpse into the limitless opportunities waiting for you. 

But why stop here? Dive deeper into the world of financing a life abroad with me on my new podcast, Siesta with Suki.


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Guests will share the nitty-gritty details of their earnings, the journey to discovering their careers, and how it all supports their globetrotting lifestyles or new beginnings abroad.

The adventure begins on April 8th, right after the total eclipse in Oaxaca, Mexico, at 1:34 p.m. Don't miss out on these inspiring stories. Subscribe to Siesta with Suki on YouTube to be notified of each episode.  

Be part of a community of wild women who dare to dream and do. Your guide to financing your freedom, your adventures, and your life in Mexico or anywhere else in the world awaits.

See you there!